Unique accommodation, Create space for unique accommodation, personal living, studios and eco-tourism resorts

Fast Assembly – Our domes are affordable and the assembly time is fast. The costs of purchasing and installing geodesic domes for Glamping are typically recouped in as little as one season. They can be installed repeatedly and lasts 10+ years, ensuring your return-on-investment for years to come.

Eco Friendly – Geodesic Glamping structures can be built almost any location with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. 

Energy Efficient – With the dome-shaped design, eco-living dome allows for effective air movement and constant temperatures, maximizing the sun’s light and warmth meanwhile reducing cooling and heating costs.  

Interior Design – You can add on a cozy bed, kitchenette, separate bathroom and an extra decking or complete the interior design your way. 

Wide Application – Besides being a guest accommodation, our living dome tent is also applicable to school camps, remote and regional housing, garden studio, then mining and resources etc.

Excellent Safety – The unique geodesic tent structure provides excellent safety. The spherical dome tent can withstand the wind of 80-100 km/h, even in the harsh weather such as heavy snow, wind and rain. Geodesic dome construction in such soft building foundation (like the grassland, desert and beach) is also quite stable.

Dimension(m)Area(Square Meter)Ridge height(m)Structure DiameterCapacityWind load(km/h)
15m/ 50ft176.67.80Φ42*2.5mm135-300100
30m/100ft706.515.0Φ48*3.0mm650-1200 100
50m/167ft1962.525.0Φ60*3.0mm1800-3500 100

We can do:

Cover White PVC/PVDF, transparent PVC, Canvas cloth
 Walls PVC wall, ABS hard wall, tempered glass wall
 Windows transparent PVC windows, mesh windows, glass windows
 Doors glass door, aluminum door, rolling shutter, standard zip-up door
 Floor wooden floor
 Decoration Inner lining, ceiling lining, Without lining, curtain
 Fixing tools ground anchors, weight plate, expandable bolts, drilling steel
 Colors beige, orange, green, yellow etc.
 Delivery Time About 30 Days after confirm deposit
 Quality ISO9001, TUV
 Others Air conditioner, Table, chair, Lamp, Carpet, Bed, Bathroom

Luxury & Nature Accommodation in Eco Friendly Geodesic Glamping Dome Tents

We can even estimate the costs of custom branding. We will continue to develop our price quote system to include additional equipment and services. We invite you to check out our site for more information, and to purchase geodesic dome tents. We are constantly working to improve our products; however, in case of any doubts or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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