1)Used for water store and transport
2)Agriculture use for drought resisting: good helper to the agriculture for water store and transport, specially fit for hills, mountains area
3)Collect the rain
4)Commonality emergency, fire control, lifesaving etc

Product Features
1waterproof and anti-mildew
2high tensile strength and tear strength.
3Good abrasion resistance
5easy-clean and durable dirt resistance
6acid resistant ,anti-UV
78-12 warranty time


1. Spread the collapsible software water bag and the outdoor water storage bag to the required platform. Note that there must be no sharp objects on the platform so as not to damage the rubber bladder.
2, such as collapsible software water bag, outdoor storage bag height of more than 2 meters, then must be in accordance with the size of the product around the rubber bag with sandbags (or other means such as scaffolding) reinforcement, reducing the pressure of the water pressure on the rubber bladder side Avoid bursting and rolling water bladders.
3. Use water pump or tap water, connect the water pipe to collapsible software water bag, outdoor water storage bag inlet pipe valve, open the inlet pipe valve and exhaust valve switch, and remove the air in the rubber water bladder. Water injection begins. After the rubber sac is filled, close the inlet valve and exhaust valve.
4, the use of collapsible software water bag, outdoor storage bag to prevent iron nails or sharp hard material puncture rubber water bladder, if scratched, with a wheel or a wooden pick to fight hair, brushing watering cover tape repair, the most Use rubber recommended by the manufacturer to repair the rubber bladder and put it in place for use.
5. After use, fold the collapsible soft water bag and the outdoor water storage bag inside to avoid sunlight.

1500 Lt,2×1×0.75M0.5 mm PVC TarpaulinDN50mm 1pc
2500 Lt,2×1.5×0.85M0.5 mm PVC TarpaulinDN50mm 1pc
4000 Lt,3×1.5×0.9M0.5 mm PVC TarpaulinDN50mm 1pc
6000 Lt,4×1.5×1M0.5 mm PVC TarpaulinDN50mm 1pc
9000 Lt,3×2.5×1.2MPVC Material: 0.70mmDN63mm 1pc
10500 Lt,3.5×2×1.5MPVC Material: 0.70mmDN63mm 1pc
12000 Lt,4×2×1.5MPVC Material: 0.70mmDN63mm 1pc
15000 Lt,4×2.5×1.5MPVC Material: 0.70mmDN63mm 1pc
18000 Lt,4×3×1.5MPVC Material: 0.70mmDN63mm 1pc

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