There are people who dream of spending their times in a big comfortable tent and people who love to live in desert, forest, plain, beach & river side, and meet people in luxury tents also there are organizations, companies & sellers such as hotels, tourism companies & stores who wish to present dreamed happiness and dreams to those people, We make the dreams of all these people come true and merge it with qualities of our products. Realizing desires is our duty.

For the latter we manufacture with passion and competence comfortable alternatives to itinerant tourism since 13 years to allow people’s dreams to come true: Canvas tents, Roof tents, Dome tents, Bubble tents also wool tents a brilliant invention that has revolutionized extreme camping and on/off road tourism.

Ankalar Group’s innovative and creative spirit, as well as its strictly made in luxury design, top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology all result in the realization of top quality tents and their interior designs & tools can meet any need of companies and sellers of tourism services specially in middle east countries. If you are looking for a strong reliable outdoor products, you can do no better than Ankalar.